Selasa, 9 November 2010



Dear readers...

Hopefully all of you will never dispointed to look foward for my new post. Lately, the internet connection having some maintainace, thus the writting stop for a while. It is not really a 'while' actually... =)

Lately, in the news road accident always takes the the peoplethat we love awayfrom us. the freaking this are those buses as a public transport which usually used by the citizens to goand come back their hometown. What the citizen want just to meet their love ones, but at the end they come in 'alive' in memory... What a tragic situation... Hoping the love one come back to share the laugh, and happiness but they come bring the tears and gone forever from this world.

What Is this All About?

Recently, the government ask touse the public transport to make the road with the environment friendly and less crowded on the road. But then, the express and charted bus companies take the buses maintainance as their liabilities. Thus, the passanger will get the efects.

Personally, I would like to suggest to the express and charted bus companies so that make annual or monthly maintainence or checking for the things which recently caused the accident happen. The way of vehicle to be take care gives big effect on the vehicle and the owner itself. More recently it is maintained, the better theperfoemance of the vehicle. It will not have to be too much but must particularly follow the time for services or maintainance.

Please.. Please...
Never thinking that the profits from your business butyou must rememmber that you are dealing with human life!! If they life take away.. do you can ever replace it??? NEVER in your whole life! Coz only Allah may do those things...
Thus,are you sure that at the end of the world you will escape easily?!.. Allah most justice!

Yes, it is true that all things happen with Allah WILL but, if we take thecaution, it will not worst than what happen, because we also make the things right..

Death will come to whoEVER, whereEVER, Whatever time, place... Always chasing us!!! Can we runaway?! NO WAY.. Its there!! Chasing you, thus what you have to do? ready anytime.. ready up yourself...

The door of TAUBATH always open for you... always until the end of the day...(Qiamat)

Dear heart...
please prepare for it!!

"Dan berpegang teguhlah kamu semuanya pada tali (agama) Allah, dan janganlah kamu bercerai-berai..."

A is for Allah- yusuf islam