Khamis, 21 Oktober 2010

I'm not okey... but i'll be better soon

Just like a sorrow day for me it is today.. It seem that I forget about how crying feels about when you hurt. Last night I thought too much when chitchat with my dearest friend. The tears just coming wihtout I forced it. It just came out and I feel hot water running on my cheeks. Tears come out all of sudden. I don't feel that I'm too sad but maybe more on feeling guilty to everyone.

Frankly I'm telling you that I feel sorry for others because draging them in this stupid situation which come from my stupidness. Gosh.. I shouldn't bear all that I thought in my heart. Then.. now I'm hurt sooo much!

Now.. I should let it go!!! Forgive yes, and forget not should not come into my mind because there is no point to hate and avoiding anyone! It's just a coward to avoid from the problem. Just face it through!!! Think what the Prophet Muhammad did. He did more... more than I do. Accept whatever the people around him said, act and treat him. Thus, what I get just a piece of what He gone through.

Bear in mind that you should stop hoping them because when you still hoping them, you will hurt. Just think and hope of Allah the Mighty and will give what ever you want. Just be patient... the time will come!! Keep giving more than you hope people giving you. Never forget that the worse thing is,not grateful what GOD had given to you. Start to lean to give and praise GOD more!!! The way is there!!!


p/s: dear heart please listen

Selasa, 5 Oktober 2010

Surrender before fight

The word surrender should be never in the memory of words in our mind. The reason it should not be in the mind because to get ourselves to push up to the limit and ensure the most action taken to achieve the target.

It is very..very..very SAAAD when the person command surrender from the leader line. Shout out to the team that we should surrender. As we know, in any situation of the wars, there will never surrender even though they just left 30 army to fight the enemy.Due to the mind, soul that Allah gives to use it wisely whenever the situation needed to ensure the victory of a battle.

Thus, if the leader feel that it is not have much time to prepare, why don't you do it know and why don't you ask a favor to help with briliant idea to cut off the enemy's moving and attack.

Without any strategy we will lose. Thus, what to wait? Plan up the strategy to defeat them. Never say no until you feel you have shot across at your heart.. till the last blood.

You said one time that you want to ensure the good name of the army that you leading but, when the time come to you to do the right thing, you can't do it. Just think back and ask yourself. Pl;ease don't take this thing for granted because once you announced you will surrender without starting any fire that such a coward which come from the leader.

There's in Al-Quran verse which means 'The Mighty Allah will try you with what have you said'.Theres short time for you to think anything else. Thus, you have to take action now!!! It is not too late!!!


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