Rabu, 9 Julai 2014

It's almost there!

Alhamdulillah, Praise to Allah...

It's fasting month and keep my heart flattered because many things.

First, there is a special day where I come to this world and it is special for my parents. Seems year to year gone, it's not a really special occasion which people will celebrate and partying; for me, it's a time for us to get to know yourself and keep looking forward to get the Almighty love. The end of the day, it's nearer, but we never know when.

Second, my work still need to get going a lot because it is not much time for me to delay it any more because next semester, it is around September no more scholarship will support me. So, I think I need to work harder and faster. It is almost there! Just in front of you!! Just keep placing all the puzzle pieces until you get the whole beautiful picture. There is no time to waste!!!

Third, it seems many changes in this world. Do you realize that two years back, whenever the Israel attacking the Gaza in the fasting month, it seems they almost get the Israel in chaos because the Gaza, which are the Bridget Al-Qassam getting the reverse attack to Israel and their own type of missiles and rocket which can attack longer distance than the Israel's missiles.

Allahuakbar! Almighty Allah, which keep helping them whenever all the world are blurred with the other world event.

But we who love and care for the humanity should keep praying for the people in Gaza because them treated like animals. This is not about the religion, but humanity. Do you want your family treated like an animal? Do you want you or your family get punished just not because your fault?

Nobody do. So, whatever religion or faith you are, keep praying for the Gaza people so that this will come to the end. No more abusing or snatching away others things and the human rights. Do this for love, love them as they are our family...

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